Justin D. McDonald:


Chief Investment Officer of Kopis Capital Management, LLC.

Prior to co-founding Kopis Capital Management, LLC, Justin spent 12 years building a successful career as an Associate Vice President and Senior Portfolio Manager with Morgan Stanley.  In his role as Senior Portfolio Manager, he was responsible for the discretionary investment management of individual and institutional assets, focusing on non-traditional portfolios and unique strategies.  Justin concentrates much of his efforts on researching and testing investment strategies in an effort to constantly improve the risk-return relationship.  When not at work, Justin spends most of his time with his wife, Sharmila, son, and twin daughters and actively participates in the operations of the family ranch.  Justin graduated from the University of North Texas in 2001 with a BBA in Finance, with a focus on advanced investments


Shelton J. McDonald, JD:


Chief Operating Officer of Kopis Capital Management, LLC. 

Prior to co-founding Kopis Capital, Shelton successfully pursued a career serving as outside general counsel to leading companies in various industries, including banking, technology tax consulting, commercial utility construction, and commercial real estate development.  In his comprehensive role with the management team of each of his clients, Shelton organized his clients' business structures, evaluated and executed his clients' strategic acquisitions and reorganizations, and evaluated and resolved potential liabilities to which his clients were exposed, including both regulatory and compliance concerns.  Shelton has been and continues as an advocate of philanthropic efforts ranging from disease prevention and management to development and support of the arts.  Shelton graduated with a BBA in Finance and Real Estate from Baylor University in 2002.  He earned a JD from South Texas College of Law in 2005.